“My Wish” Winner of the Australian Film Life – Best Use Of Theme Award

My Background

Film, Photography and Video editing have always been a hobby of mine. I love the ability to capture a moment, story or feeling and share it with the world. I had recently undergone major spinal surgery so i needed to channel my creativity into another medium to keep myself occupied. I also have a big passion for technology and the amount of development and user based customization of video/camera hardware is growing exponentially. An example of my previous work is below all be it very amateur video wise is a tablet project i did prevous to undertaking the Film Life Project Workshop (To give you some gauge of improvement).

BT-50 K1 Jelly Bean Android Project

The Story

It is strange how the evolution of a story happens, we often start out thinking about what things have amazed us in film or story and try to replicate aspects of them to tell our story. Over the two weeks i ended up going through about 3 different ideas until i came up with the story i ended up producing. I personally know that we have a whole generation of people coming up with a incredibly evolved capacity for communication which not only allows them to get to the source of information but to disseminate it in a way where they can separate quite easily the fake from the genuine (Unless a lot of Marketing and PR has been involved) but in regards to telling a story to the next generation that is quite a challenge.

I personally didn’t have the time, money or resourcing to research and develop something of that complexity so i thought, what is something that is well established that all generations but mainly the next generation of Organ Donors can relate, understand and effectively share that information and to know what the correct process is and how simple it can be now with social media to #Havethechat. Thus the context of my film was born. A girl discovering that having organ donation on your licence no longer counts and that all you have to do is register on The Australian Organ Donation Registry and tell your loved ones your wishes.

However sometimes telling our loved ones or family that we wish to donate our organs and tissues can be a challenging thing. I myself have a very open and quite new age family, my mum being the “Death Talker” (Palliative Care Professional that deals in raising awareness and humanising death and dying). So the conversation was very easy, but for people who’s families have challenges communicating or have been affected by myths about organ donation or even just the topic being hard a taboo i thought this would be a great way to overcome that barrier. Allow you to have your full say, let your friends know what you feel to encourage them to have the conversation and raise the profile of Organ Donation in Australia.

The Gear

The gear i used to shoot this film are as follows;


Canon EOS 650D

Canon EF 40mm STM Lens with Zeikos UV Filter and lens hood.

Rode Video Mic (Amazing sound quality)

Metz Mecalight LED-480

Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Card 32GB

During the filming i had somewhat of a technological breakthrough that i thought i should mention as others could easily replicate it. I was looking for a field monitor for shooting and all the good ones were very expensive so i started playing around with some options and alternatives. What i found was you can run live view through the EOS suite on any windows based platform through the USB port. At current i am running through my Ultrabook not just as a field monitor but it can also control most setting remotely from the camera including manual focus points, lighting settings, ISO, etc.I plan to pick up a converted for my windows 8 tablet so i can use my tablet instead of having to carry around the Ultrabook as lite as it is.(also another cool function with this setup is once you finish filming you can set it to automatically copy the video across and keep a copy on the SD card (Very handy for backup).


I tried to keep my post as minimal as possible (No colour grading as i am still learning). Cutting together all the good takes syncing the audio’s timing with changes as best as possible and only using transitions, colour effects and text inserts. However rendered raw the film was 14 Gig so picking a good codec and encoding the film was crucial and took a lot of trial and error to get a usable size with minimalistic loss of both audio and video quality but getting the audio to keep the levels was also very challenging. I also recommend playing your film’s through multiple systems, i was lucky enough to have a full HD projector i tested it on which ended up being what the films were output to in the end.

The software i used was the following;

Sony Vegas

Cam Studio ( For Screen Capturing)

EOS Utility (For the custom field monitoring and automated remote backup)

Film Life

I was out one day and i got a random phone call (Actually from my mum of all people) saying that there was film production workshop being hosted by Film Life Which was not only free to enroll and attend but also was based around tackling important issues. Being a native problem solver this seemed like and excellent opportunity to gel my very amateur video skills with my love of community focused activities and thus started my adventure with all the wonderful people involved in this incredible campaign.

Kerrie Noonan – Founding Director of the Groundswell Project

Lizzie Barrett – Film Life Festival Director

Rohan Jones – Producer, Director & Screenwriter with over 20 years industry experience

Gerlee Scanlan – Producer, Director & Editor acclaimed nationaly


Dr Jonathon Gillis Associate Professor Jonathan Gillis is the National Medical Director for the Organ and Tissue Authority

Anita Belgiorno-Nettis founder of the production company Alagna Films

Dr Sally Cockburn “Dr Feelgood” A practicing GP and health advocate.

Sponsors & Partners

Without either of these none of this would have been possible. These are orginisations that give an overwhelming amount of resource to the betterment of humanity and our great country. Some are set up to do just that others decide that it is just a cause worth supporting. Regardless of the reason the impact they have on peoples lives is incredible and i personally can’t thanks them enough. So if you do require some new gear, plan on holding an event or even just want to give to an organisation that support the community a good wrap i would recommend you link, refer and promote them or even just send a thank you to them. I am sure they would love to hear that someone has understood how much they have given.

Oh and on that note:



YOU HAVE SET SOME BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN MOTION That will be felt until the end of time



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