My Experience @ Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp

I thought i might get all this down before i enjoy my well earnt relaxing week off with my best friend. I started out my journey to Thailand with absolutely no idea what to expect, arriving at Phuket Airport Khan a really ace guy (One of the Taxi drivers for TMT) was waiting with a sign and my name on it. I also over heard a guy i saw on the flight asking where his cab was, and that he was going to TMT. I flagged him down introduced myself and let him know i was heading in to the same place and he was chuffed and introduced himself as Jack one of the first great mate i would make whilst at TMT.

When i got to Tiger it was 1:00am, i was informed my hotel was closed and i would need to stay in the accommodation at Tiger one night. The Lady was really nice and brought me food however all the aircon, blistering fast broadband and food wouldn’t make up for the Fuck Off giant spider chillin next to my bed…. So needless to say i watched a lot of you tube clips that night.

The next day i moved into The One which is a great place who’s staff were very welcoming and had quite a lot of character to say the least. Once settled in i headed to the TMT office to buy my gear and have the tour. The Thai Hulk AKA Peter was kind enough to show me around and lead to the beginners Muay Thai training section. I started my first session and ZOMG was i in for a shock both physically and mentally. I think the most memorable part of my first 4 hour beginners session was at the end of doing laps only walking on your toes (mind you if you failed you got beaten by a stick) i made it to the end and when i put my feet down they had nothing left and gave out from under me …. needless to say i was embarrassed and sore.

I kept this up for the first week every day my body feeling more beaten and bruised. When i wasn’t getting massages to ease the pain i was Chilling @ the local hangout “Tony’s” where the owner literally waves you down in the street and welcomes you in with open arms. Most  of the people training eat at Tony’s and Jack and myself spent quite a lot of time eating steamed chicken and steamed veggies, socializing and meeting some of the amazing people that inhabit the area.

Note: If it wasn’t for the “Special Sauce” which is a combination of Fish Sauce, Chillies, Lime & Garlic i would never have been able to stick to the Chicken and Veggie diet.

The second week saw the arrival of two close friends Dez, and Mark this was the break i was looking for the first week has been more then i could possibly imagine. So we did what all tourist do in Thailand and hit Patong ! $28 AU for a bottle of Thai rum and free mixer saw the nights pass quite chipper playing all sorts of nerdy games like Jenga, Connect Four and Hammer the Nail with the incredibly friendly girls @ The One Bar. I even managed to beat one of the girls in Pool & Hammer the Nail although that didn’t outweighed the losses.

We Hit the Island’s and did the common tourist things like Ride Quads to watch the sunset over the ocean, watched crazy Thai people harass some of the most dangerous snakes in the world and road an elephant. Followed by more nights out, massages and Dez being hot property with the Lady boys !

After seeing the boys off i was back to it however i noticed a congregation of really fit looking people always sitting down at the eating area of TMT chatting laughing and heading off so i inquired as to what all the fuss was about. Body fit hmm that sounds like a nice change up from just doing Muay Thai hahah well nice isn’t exactly the best word to describe it …. More like the most insane fitness a human being could imagine lead by a legendary man that’s whit is only just overthrown by his amazing skill, focus and charisma, The Legendary Randy hale

After being pushed so far everyday in body fit to the point you were about to throw up or pass out i attended a Beach day. I went into this thinking wow this will be fun, now i don’t know where my soul was crushed but i am pretty sure it was somewhere between walking up a incline on my hands and feet or trying to make it up the inverted mountain of doom but annoyingly enough my knee wigged out.

This saw me take a week out from training and jog everyday and do push ups & situps in my room whilst doing some hydro in the pool until my knee was nursed back to health.

Once my knee had made a nice recovery i was pumped to get back into it, being more focused and determined to push myself i decided i would add a private with Randy and Peter doing personal fitness and weights every day. Now i must say the first week was murder both Randy & Peter knew just how far to push and just what to work on and after the first week of my more full on training i began to really feel like i was getting somewhere.

Along side this i also met some amazing people Will, Shaun, Tom, Oli, Marina, Sarah, Jas, Nat, Sandy… i could go on forever but these people are some of the most amazing, awesome, fun & interesting people i have met in my life and will cherish the friendships i have forged forever ! … anyways  enough of the emo stuff… With picking up the privates and people like Shaun and Sarah pushing me where i thought i couldn’t go any harder or longer i started to progress in leaps and bounds. The first real example of this was my second beach day  and i  had managed to beat my two incline hand walks and better it to four but with the awesome encouragement from Shaun i attempted the stair climb on my hands and knees, and to my surprised i completed one so wrapped with what i had done and with a little bit of energy left i managed to smash out one more before dieing 🙂

Fast forward a few weeks and I am doing Yoga, Body Fit, personal weights and personal fitness but the gym was getting reconditioned and Pete was heading to Koh Samui for training so he teed up Muay Thai training with Moo.. This would be my biggest technical challenge more then a physical one although it was grueling physically as well.

Then i come to my last where i decided to step it up a bit; Yoga, Body Fit, Personal Muay Thai, Personal Weights & Personal fitness… wow now i am totally at my limits and annoyingly suffering from Bronchitis so i was pushing myself but it was dam hard …


And that brings us to now. I had my measurements done with Sarah today

Starting weight 89kg (Although i must admit travelers dropped 4 KG but i managed to keep  it off)

Today’s weight 81.5 KG

Still waiting for my BMI & Body Fat but Sarah was saying an estimated body fat reduction of 3%

My 300 meltdown is down to 22 Minutes with Bronchitis where my starting time was 32 Minutes

I am up to 7 Sets of stairs @ the Beach session

I am now lifting significantly heavier weights

My Flexability is amazing

My Muay Thai is getting there slowly 😛

And well the Pictures tell a fair bit of the story and considering i hadn’t done any training in 4 years and my daily intake of Candy, Coke & Take Away food this has been an amazing life changing experience.



Before & After My Training @ TMT

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